Friday, January 22, 2016

The first Panoplie Night @ Rotondes was a blast: thanks!!

I'm writing this post late at night, back home from Rotondes.. should definitely go to sleep, but I can't, now, for two good reasons.
First of all because I'm still way too excited to sleep, listening and watching recordings, pix and videos of the gig.. some will be shared soon, here and on the radio, stay tuned.
Second, and even more important, because I'm so happy that I need to immediately write down a few thanks.

Starting from the person who has pushed me to take back to life the Panoplie spirit, offering it a new home, which is perfect in lots of ways. Thank you Marc, thank you Rotondes: great place & great staff!

Then, obviously, thank you Sacri Cuori & Carla Lippis: I knew they're amazing musicians and I was sure they would have played a great gig, it was a pleasure to finally meet and enjoy some time with such nice people!

Last, but most important, thanks a lot to those who came: can't have a great gig without a great audience, and you've been many, attentive and responsive. And glad to see quite a lot of faces I used to see at d:qliq, faithful even after a more than three years break.
What to tell those who didn't come? That I'm really sorry for them, they missed an amazing show!

But I have good news for them, as well as for everybody. I said I would have decided after tonight, now I can officially confirm it: there will be more Panoplie Nights @ Rotondes!!
We won't obviously keep the rhythm we had at the time, one concert par month or more would be impossible in many ways, but you can expect 3/4 great gigs par year.
And I already have a few ideas in mind.. or maybe even the first contacts?
Stay tuned!!

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