Friday, April 1, 2016

Panoplie Nights @ Rotondes back on May 23rd, with.. VERDENA!!

A post in English, for once, as this announcement has to reach as many people as possible, not just Italians.

From 2006 to 2012, Panoplie asbl has organised more than 50 concerts, taking to Luxembourg, and to its international public, the best new Italian music, indie and much more: after more than three years, the same spirit is back, with Panoplie Nights at Rotondes!!
We started in January with the great Sacri Cuori feat. Carla Lippis, now we can finally officially announce that the second of these recurring events will take place on Monday, May 23rd and will feature what definitely is one of the most important Italian rock bands of the last couple of decades: Verdena!!
(no, it's not an April Fools')

Verdena is a trio, formed by brothers Alberto and Luca Ferrari, respectively guitar/vocals and drums, who started playing together in their childhood and were then joined by Roberta Sammarelli, on bass, in 1996.
Their incredible wall of sound comes from a unique blend of punk fury, rock attitude and emotional melodies, all fused with psychedelia.
They gained a great attention since their very first single, Valvonauta, getting to sell 40.000 copies of their eponymous debut album, released in 1999 and produced by Giorgio Canali (member of iconic bands such as CCCP, CSI and PGR, and now respected solo artist).
Also their second album, Solo un grande sasso (2001), had an important producer, Manuel Agnelli, frontman of Afterhours, while from the third one Alberto Ferrari took over the role, working on analog equipment. With the release of Il Suicidio dei Samurai (2004) and Requiem (2007), the band achieved total artistic independence, and both records were also released in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and Spain.
Their fifth LP, the imposing WOW, was a double album composed of 27 tracks released in January 2011, immediately leaping to the 2nd place of the Italian charts. The following tour went throughout the country, with 90 gigs nearly all sold-out, and also crossed the borders, touring with big international acts, such as MGMT.

In May 2012, they returned to their “Henhouse Studio”, to start composing new material. The long creative process resulted in their sixth album, again a double (26 songs for 2 hours of music), but this time published in two separate volumes.
The first one, Endkadenz Vol.1, was released on January 27th 2015 to great critical acclaim and debuted at number 3 of the Italian charts. Another long Italian tour followed, 50 concerts, again mostly sold-out. The second chapter, Endkadenz Vol.2, came out on August 28th and immediately reached the 1st place of the charts. The second leg of their Italian tour, in autumn, consisted of 30 more packed concerts in some of the largest venues in Italy.

Verdena are now embarking on an European tour, which will touch big cities and great venues.. including Luxembourg, for the second Panoplie Night @ Rotondes!!
Pre-sales should be online in a week.. be ready, as they could go quickly: stay tuned!!

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