Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Calibro 35 live @ Rotondes on Saturday: 2011, Indagine sul cinema del brivido

As announced, ten years after their very first concert, on Saturday we'll take back to Luxembourg Italian super cult combo CALIBRO 35!!
This week we have started a countdown to the show: daily posts are taking you through the (first) ten years of history of this awesome band.

In 2009 the band got commissioned its first soundtrack for a film, Italo/Spanish pulp movie Said, directed by Joseph Lefevre: music was recorded and mixed at Morricone‘s studio in Rome, Forum Music Village. Roughly at the same time another song, Appuntamento al Contessa, was included in the the soundtrack of critically acclaimed gangster movie Vallanzasca: Gli Angeli Del Male, with the band starring as a “70’s club band” in the movie too.
On January 2011 Rare, a compilation of music composed for independent movies, as well as b-sides and alternate takes, was released, while the band kept touring Italian and European clubs.
In October the band was asked to produce an original show for renowned Teatro Dal Verme in Milano. Indagine sul Cinema Del Brivido (Investigation on thrilling cinema) dealt with music composed for Italian horror movies from the ‘70s such as Cannibal Holocaust, Deep Red, Zombie and Dawn of the Dead. The band was joined on stage by an orchestral ensemble including strings, horns and percussions and as many as six special guests.. a first experiment in the direction they have taken for their latest album, Decade.

We are happy to take them back to Luxembourg on Saturday: the line-up of the night includes one of the most interesting new acts of Luxembourg, afro post-punk quartet No Metal in this Battle, and two support DJsKustonBeater & LeGenco.
Come enjoy this great night of music, at Rotondes, on Saturday, May 19thhere the FB eventpre-sales are online here!!

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