Sunday, May 20, 2018

Calibro 35 live @ Rotondes: one video, and many thanks for an awesome night!!

The awaited night has come.. and it has been a blast!! Late night, back home, I'm dead tired but I need to write a few lines about this awesome event.

First of all, No Metal in this Battle have opened the night playing.. in the middle of the crowd! Not only for space issues on stage, but also because they like to do so, and the result was really good. They warmed up the venue with a great set of their fascinating and original mix of post-rock, math-rock, afro-beat.. and much more!
It has really been a pleasure to see them before Calibro, like 3 years ago at Kulturfabrik, and to enjoy the development of the band: after the summer, we will be happy to welcome them to Sentieri Sonori for an interview, thanks guys!!

I also need to thank the groovy support DJs of the night, KustonBeater (many thanks for the graphics, too!) and LeGenco, and also the cool and professional staff of Rotondes, Pzey and all the team.

Last, but not least, let's talk about what is now, without any doubt, one of the most exciting bands and live-acts around. We have baptised them ten years ago, welcomed them back plenty of times since, for concerts and interviews, and followed their story with deep joy. Not only for friendship, or pride, but also because it is good to see that real talent and hard work can get such rewards, and that quality music can be appreciated by such a wide public. Thank you, Calibro 35, not only for this great gig, but also, and most of all, for these ten years of awesome music and unceasing growth, we wait for many more to come!! Grazie, ragazzi, vi vogliamo bene.

I was talking about the public, let's get to the final and most important thanks, to the great crowd of Rotondes!! It definitely wasn't the easiest day, between two long weekends, before a week of school holidays, with a festival and Sleaford Mods (and more, as always) on the same night.. but the venue was packed. Nearly 200 people, and what's more important, all happy and enthusiastic: it was a pleasure to watch you dance with big smiles.

Let me offer you a souvenir of this amazing night, just one song filmed with my smartphone, enough to taste again this great concert: enjoy!!

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