Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Calibro 35 live @ Rotondes on Saturday: collaborations with singers

As announced, ten years after their very first concert, on Saturday we'll take back to Luxembourg Italian super cult combo CALIBRO 35!!
This week we have started a countdown to the show: daily posts are taking you through the (first) ten years of history of this awesome band.

This afternoon we focus on a particular part of their career: they are an instrumental band, but since the beginning they have recorded a few songs featuring different singers. The first example was L'appuntamento, Ornella Vanoni's hit from 1970, Italian translation by Bruno Lauzi of a Brasilian song. Their version featured on vocals Roberto Dell'Era, that we know as the bass player of Afterhours as well as for his solo career, and was published as closing song of their first album. The following year, they recorded a cover of Tutta donna, success of Lola Falana from 1967, featuring the wonderful voice of Georgeanne Kalweit, ex-singer of Delta V.
In 2010 they participated to a split single published by Ghost Records and Disastro Records: the 7" had on one side Precipitevolissimevolmente, Bruno Martino's cover by Dente and Il Genio, on the other Il beat cos'è, Italian translation of Sonny Bono's The beat goes on, sung in the 60s by Ambra Borelli, while Calibro's version features again Roberto Dell'Era.
In 2013, 4 years after its recording, their soundtrack of Joseph Lefevre's film Said was published as a Record Store Day special: it includes a cover of Ragazzo di strada, 1966 success by I Corvi, Italian translation of I ain't no miracle worker by Brogues, a band whose members have participated in creating Quicksilver Messenger Service. Calibro's version featured on vocals Manuel Agnelli, frontman of Afterhours.
The year after they published another soundtrack, for the film Sogni di gloria by the collective John Snellinberg, which is closed by an original track, Il tempo che non ho vissuto, sung by Serena Altavilla, author of the lyrics with Patrizio Gioffredi.

We are happy to take them back to Luxembourg, this Saturday: the line-up of the night includes one of the most interesting new acts of Luxembourg, afro post-punk quartet No Metal in this Battle, and two support DJsKustonBeater & LeGenco.
Come enjoy this great night of music, at Rotondes, on Saturday, May 19thhere the FB eventpre-sales are online here!!


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