Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Save the date: the second Panoplie Night @ Rotondes on May 23rd!!

A post in English, for once, to let it reach as many people as possible.. also because it is the answer to the requests of many of you.

From 2006 to 2012, Panoplie asbl has organised more than 50 concerts, taking to Luxembourg, and to its international public, the best new Italian music, indie and much more.
After more than three years, the same spirit has come back, with Panoplie Nights @ Rotondes!!
The first of these events has featured one of the most international Italian band, both for its sound and its bio, Sacri Cuori feat. Carla Lippis.

It has been such an awesome night that we have been happy to announce that there would have been more.. now it's time to give you a date: the second Panoplie Night @ Rotondes will take place on May 23rd!!
We can't give you the name, yet, that will follow in the coming days.. but, believe us, it's hard to find better, when it's a matter of Italian rock..
Curious? Start save the date, you won't regret!!

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