Monday, March 19, 2018

Calibro 35 live in Luxembourg in exactly two months: here the making of Decade

At the beginning of February we have presented with an interview (podcast here) the fantastic new album of a band we love and we will bring back to Luxembourg for a concert in exactly two months (more info here).

We are talking about Calibro 35, whose very first concert took place in Luxembourg ten years ago, organised by our association Panoplie even before the release of their debut record. The sixth one, Decade, has been released by Record Kicks on February 2nd.
For their previous S.P.A.C.E. and the following tour they have already been accompanied by a brass section, but this is the first time they have recorded the whole album with a larger line-up, including strings, brass and percussions. The result is even more varied than usually, for a band that has never ceased to explore new territories, always staying faithful to their sound, which has become an internationally renowned trademark.

Discovering a new album of Calibro 35 has always been an emotion full of surprises, but in this case it goes further: we have been astonished listening to this new record, which we haven't managed to take out of our stereo for days, discovering what we have defined the "Calibro 35 Arkestra".
We are happy and proud to bring them back to Luxembourg, on Rotondes' stage, on May 19th: here you can find the pre-sales, highly recommended!!
With the announcement of this first part of European tour they have published the interesting video that we present you today. Directed by Erica Gianesini, it goes behind the scenes of the Making of Decade, its creative genesis and the production choices behind what is unanimously considered their masterpiece: enjoy!!


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